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Pokemon Template

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Pokemon Template

Post by Black Nova on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:38 pm

(Remember to Remove everything in Parenthesis)

Pokemon: (Choose Which Pokemon you want to roleplay as. Can only choose Pokemon depending on your current rank.
New Trainer + - 1st Evolution Pokemon Only
Good Trainer + - 2nd Evolution Pokemon, Non-Evolving Pokemon
Ace Trainer + - 3rd + Evolution Pokemon
Master Trainer - Legendary Pokemon)
Trainer: (Optional: Choose who's character's Pokemon you would like to be. If this area is left blank, you can not)
Starting Location: (Choose which route, region you would like to start in.)
Personality: (What your Poke-Character acts like, Likes, Dislikes, ect.)
History: (What your adventure has been as a Pokemon so far. This can range from you being human and turned in to a Pokemon, a man-made Pokemon, or something else.)
Exp: 0 (Leave Zero)
Items: (Do not change)

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